Three Stories of Love and Terror

May 26th, 2013 | Posted by TZA in Releases

These were supposed to be out either last Halloween or Valentine’s Day but…. better late than never? Hehe
(The girls and their respective bishies :P)

We’re presenting to you three out of the five short stories from the Koiyami anthology: (All can be found under the Oneshot Anthology section)

  • Story 1: Michiru (artist: Momono Moto) – jealousy causes no good
  • Story 2: Tsukasa (artist: Mitsuboshi Megane) – addiction to internet life causes no good
  • Story 4: Kiyomi (artist: Chidori Peko) – bullying causes no good

The author of all these stories is Nippon Ichi Software. All artworks are really nice~ It’s surprising that the other works of those artists are actually… errr… mature stuff ^^;

Anyway, these short stories are great~ Gotta love horror romance that are really spooky, and not annoyingly mushy. This may be mean, but it’s also pretty satisfying to see idiots getting what they deserve (mwahaha!). I feel sorry for the bishies in these stories ^^;

What do you guys think? Which one did you like?

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