Finally Another Kiss…

October 4th, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (1 Comments)

Sorry for the delay, but we’re happy to announce that the 17th chapter of Shiro Ari is finally here! 
Check it out at the project page as usual~ Alice and White Rabbit are hilarious. I think fans of both/either Alice x Snow White and Mirror x Snow White will enjoy this chapter.

Alright, below are some updates (related and unrelated to Shiro Ari):

  • I think we’re okay with Shiro Ari on staff for now… but still lacking on the scans. We don’t have chapters 21 onwards yet. We’ve got a volunteer for chapters under volume 5…. but still resolving downloading issues on it, ahaha.
  • We are slowly catching up on oneshots… especially the Arcana ones. There isn’t much left in our pending list anyway, so we should wrap it up soon.
  • The next oneshot we’re aiming to release next isn’t an Arcana oneshot though. It’s a oneshot from Anime Ace (Is that magazine still alive?) There’s a sneak peek at tumblr.
  • Thanks to our new translator, Kyu-san, we are slowly catching up on many of our oneshots, starting with the BL ones. Oh thank goodness they can be released sooner than expected <3
    But of course, Kyu-san can’t do it alone so if you can translate well and can help out the group, that would be very helpful. Experience isn’t required but a really good grasp of the Japanese language will greatly minimize the time spent by proofreaders and translation/quality checkers =)

Don’t Bully The One You Love!

March 13th, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (2 Comments)

The White Rabbit is a VERY BAD example of this!

Happy to announce that Shiro Ari chapter 16 is finally available at the project page! Hooray!

And here are some updates related to the project:

  • This is N0body’s, Securie Chan, and Elysia’s debut! Please thanks them for being awesome!
  • Ghostly Oxygen also tried this project. Thanks for your contribution!
  • I’m no longer sure if Elysia can continue with the other projects though. Seems that she had gotten busy. So….
  • Remember that we had been searching for Shiro Ari Typesetters last time? Well, we’re still searching until now. So if you think you’ve got the time and skills for it, please join! This chapter took longer than expected because I had to take over ^^; So it’ll be faster if it’ll be handled by someone with more time to typeset =)
  • There’s a kind soul that provided to us scans of chapter 30+… (they’re from volume 5, if I recall correctly). Volume 4 scans still in need (unless you’re willing to wait much longer, ahahaha…. x_x).

Thank yoooooou!

White Rabbit to the Rescue!

September 30th, 2016 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (2 Comments)


Shiro Ari Chapter 15 has been released! If you’re a White Rabbit x Dormouse shipper, you’ll definitely like this chapter~ (Or maybe frustrated too, because White Rabbit’s quite an idiot ^^; Haha!)

Hope you guys enjoy the chapter!

And oh, once again, WE’RE STILL LOOKING FOR A TRANSLATOR AND A TYPESETTER FOR THIS SERIES. Please send us an e-mail if interested so that we can speed up the releases.

Presently, there’s until Volume 4 (it’s until chapter 27, I think) to translation check, and until chapter 20 for typesetting =)

Shiro Ari Needs Volunteers!

September 14th, 2016 | Posted by TZA in TZA - (3 Comments)

We are temporarily opening recruitment for volunteers to assist in the Shiro Ari series project.
The available positions are:

Shiro Ari Translator (and Translation Checker)

  • Translates from Japanese to English; and can perform Translation QC/Checking.
  • Knows mid-level to advanced Japanese, especially that not all text in Shiro Ari have furigana.
  • Good grammar and can perform proofreading (at least on punctuation marks).
  • Flexible (or at least familiar with)with British English.

Shiro Ari Typesetter

  • Ability to place translated texts on cleaned pages, making the fonts as similar to their Japanese equivalent as possible.
  • Because of the font variation of the series, will need to have a decent collection of fonts.
  • Can Handle Simple Cleaning for parts the cleaner has missed.
  • Having Adobe Photoshop is necessary. There’s a free download here

General Notes/Requirements:

  • Current Workload for Shiro Ari: Around 5 chapters ready for Translation Check and for Typesetting.
  • There’s no age requirement.
  • Experience is preferred but not mandatory (we believe in natural talent and hard work ;D).
  • If you will be willing to assist on other projects (aside from Shiro Ari) in the future, that would be awesome! But it’s not mandatory either.
  • This is voluntary. You will not get paid.

Send an e-mail to thezeroalliance[at]gmail[dot]com
(Replace “[dot]” with “.” and “[at]” with “@”)

Include the following information in your e-mail:


  • (For Translator) TZA Shiro Ari Translator
  • (For Typesetter) TZA Shiro Ari Typesetter

CONTENT OF THE E-MAIL: (Fill up the items below)

Name/Alias: (What are you called? Who do you want to be credited as?)
Timezone/Country: (Mention your country or select a timezone from here; This is for the sake of knowing our time difference)
Gender: (No sexual discrimination. We just don’t want to be mistaken on the pronoun to use when referring to you.)
Availability: (Only free during weekends? Only free at night? Free right now but busy next year?)
Experience: (If applicable, mention scanlation group/s and project title/s)
Anything Else: (Any questions? Anything else you want to say?)

Once you’ve submitted your application, it will be verified whether you’ll be able to handle the project or not o

Thank you!!!

Shiro Ari’s Return in 2015!

March 28th, 2015 | Posted by TZA in Releases | TZA - (7 Comments)

20150328_ShiroAri13Yes, the wait is over and chapter 13 is finally out! Get it from the project page~

We see that many have become worried that we have dropped this series because there hasn’t been a release for more than a year. But we would like to assure you that we have no plans in dropping this project. =)
2014 was just a very busy year for TZA ^^; Hopefully we make it up this year~

To those who would like to know about the project status:
Only translation checking and typesetting is left from chapter 14 to chapter 20.
Translation’s actually already until chapter 27 (Yes, Melody’s that amazing)

So what help do we urgently need in order to release the next chapter sooner?:
Translation Checker (knows mid-level or advanced Japanese; fluent in English)- Although we already have the translated scripts, Shiro Ari has SO MANY text that it would be necessary to go through it one more time, just to make sure that nothing was missed (less trouble during proofreading, typesetting, and quality checking too). Not all dialogues in Shiro Ari are that easy to translate either.


Happy New Year!

January 5th, 2014 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (6 Comments)

shiro_ari_11A belated Happy New Year to everyone! Today we have a double release of Shiro Ari for you guys. Chapters 11 and 12 are available for your viewing pleasure~ :D

Apologies that our releases have slowed down lately as the staff are going through a busy time at the moment. However, we are slowly doing our best to get back on track, so watch this space for info on our 2014 plans! We hope for your support again this year too :)

From Oz to Wonderland~

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Our previous release was a story inspired by The Wizard of Oz, but today we have something Alice in Wonderland themed! Shiro Ari Chapter 10 is now available for you guys to read :D As you can see from the above cap, Alice is being his usual charming self :P

Good news #1: We’ve got Check #9 out where the White Rabbit makes his debut ;)

We are slowly catching up on Shiro Ari xD Check # 10 should be out soon, and the whole 2nd and 3rd volume are already translated actually xD (Go thank Melody for being amazing) To have them out sooner, I suppose it would be great if someone can help Sencha Project (our collaboration partner that’s taking care of the cleaning) in redrawing (or also cleaning). We prefer someone with experience because Shiro Ari’s a little challenging to clean ^^;

Typesetting assistance would be fantastic too! This series has so many text @_@

So if you can help us with the editing, please JOIN THE ALLIANCE! :D

Good news #2: We’ve been asking you guys which you want TZA to pick as its next project, remember?

Well, due to popular demand and because we’ve got volunteers for it, we are happy to announce that TZA is picking up SERVAMP! It got 14.4% of the votes, out of the 15 titles we’re considering!

We’ll be picking up from where Omari’s Sister has left. If things go according to plan, our translator, Melody, will be able to start on the chapters (that are not yet translated by OS) after she’s done with Shiro Ari volume 4.

Folks from La Noche de los Caídos informed us that they can help in editing SERVAMP, please send us an email soon so we can start discussing our arrangements for this project =)

By the way, if your group is has already asked Omari’s Sister to rescanlate SERVAMP to your language, and you want to continue rescanlating it from TZA’s releases, please ask us through here once we have released a chapter of SERVAMP. No advanced permissions! (Only our collaboration partner is listed as the rescanlator in advanced.)

Lastly, SERVAMP is just one of the projects we’ll be picking up. Stay tuned to our future announcements to know which one’s next ;)