The Death Gods Are Back!

May 1st, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (2 Comments)

Providing a Halloween Detective treat for a break on the oneshot releases, hehe. Chapter 13 is now available and it has pretty much concluded the latest arc.

We’re getting closer to ending this~ Hooray! I suppose we’ll be able to have this done sooner with a typesetter at least. Do join if you can help out~

Detective Snack Time!

November 16th, 2016 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (1 Comments)

It’s Halloween Detective Snack time =P

Belated Happy Halloween!

And here’s a belated treat from our Halloween Detective with the 10th chapter!

Oz is such a playboy, haha.


Well, I think we only need help on the translations and the 18th chapter in order to finish this project within the year. I don’t think we’ll have a problem with the cleans now with the recent application we’ve received. I’ll update this page once I get the confirmation.

So in summary: Chapter 18 scan and a Translator for Halloween Detective, please! =)

The Halloween Detective Has Returned!

October 19th, 2016 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (1 Comments)

After, like, two years, this series is finally making a comeback too: Halloween Detective Oz Williams

Chapter 9 has been released! Watch out for the succeeding chapters soon~

By the way, for fans of the series who want to have this done quicker, YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!

As mentioned here, we are missing one chapter (Chapter 18). So if you can scan it, it will help us very much.

Also, there are around less than 10 chapters left to translate and clean. If interested, just head over to the recruitment page for more details.