A Fluffy Field Trip!

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Last chapter of Mofu Danshi! It’s been a long journey, but it’s finally complete. This chapter continues the field trip arc and it’s a pretty fun read. Enjoy~ Also, thanks again to The End for being a massive help with getting this series done. Please look forward to our next project with them, which will be finishing up the rest of The Killer. Yay!

Lots of Fluff!

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More fluffy adventures! Yay~ Thanks to The End for helping us with this chapter too. Fluffy Boy has finally gotten its own page on the site, so you can now access the chapters from this link.

Fluffy Boy

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Fluffy Boy (Mofumen)
by Aiya Kyuu
Media Factory | Comic Gene | 2012
Comedy, Slice of Life
animals, transfer student

Nikoge Urushima is a perfect student who hides a secret from his classmates – he loves cute and fluffy things! However, when his class gains a fluffy transfer student, it seems as if his honour student image is about to be broken…


A Rival on Fluffy Love Has Appeared!

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Sorry for the wait, but the second part is finally here! We didn’t expect this oneshot to become a series ^^;
But well, for the meantime, the second part is in this page. We’ll make an announcement once Fluffy Boy will have its own page :)

This was actually a joint project with Huffly Parfait. Although they no longer work with us on this project, we still want to thank them for making this release possible :)

I’m sorry to say but the succeeding parts might take a while again.

UNLESS there’ll be volunteers for this project:


If you like this title and are interested to help, just apply.