Shiro Ari Needs Volunteers!

September 14th, 2016 | Posted by TZA in TZA

We are temporarily opening recruitment for volunteers to assist in the Shiro Ari series project.
The available positions are:

Shiro Ari Translator (and Translation Checker)

  • Translates from Japanese to English; and can perform Translation QC/Checking.
  • Knows mid-level to advanced Japanese, especially that not all text in Shiro Ari have furigana.
  • Good grammar and can perform proofreading (at least on punctuation marks).
  • Flexible (or at least familiar with)with British English.

Shiro Ari Typesetter

  • Ability to place translated texts on cleaned pages, making the fonts as similar to their Japanese equivalent as possible.
  • Because of the font variation of the series, will need to have a decent collection of fonts.
  • Can Handle Simple Cleaning for parts the cleaner has missed.
  • Having Adobe Photoshop is necessary. There’s a free download here

General Notes/Requirements:

  • Current Workload for Shiro Ari: Around 5 chapters ready for Translation Check and for Typesetting.
  • There’s no age requirement.
  • Experience is preferred but not mandatory (we believe in natural talent and hard work ;D).
  • If you will be willing to assist on other projects (aside from Shiro Ari) in the future, that would be awesome! But it’s not mandatory either.
  • This is voluntary. You will not get paid.

Send an e-mail to thezeroalliance[at]gmail[dot]com
(Replace “[dot]” with “.” and “[at]” with “@”)

Include the following information in your e-mail:


  • (For Translator) TZA Shiro Ari Translator
  • (For Typesetter) TZA Shiro Ari Typesetter

CONTENT OF THE E-MAIL: (Fill up the items below)

Name/Alias: (What are you called? Who do you want to be credited as?)
Timezone/Country: (Mention your country or select a timezone from here; This is for the sake of knowing our time difference)
Gender: (No sexual discrimination. We just don’t want to be mistaken on the pronoun to use when referring to you.)
Availability: (Only free during weekends? Only free at night? Free right now but busy next year?)
Experience: (If applicable, mention scanlation group/s and project title/s)
Anything Else: (Any questions? Anything else you want to say?)

Once you’ve submitted your application, it will be verified whether you’ll be able to handle the project or not o

Thank you!!!

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