Samurai Kitty!

May 22nd, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases

Presenting a shounen oneshot with a kitty doing a lot of slicing, and of course a demonstration of the power of friendship! (Come on, even if the “friendship” thingy is so cliche, that’s still one of the things we love about shounen manga, right? Haha)

Without further ado, please check out “Hizumi no Dual” aka “Distorted Dual” at the Comic Gene page.

  • The mangaka of this oneshot doesn’t seem popular… but their work seems interesting. Hopefully they become available in English one day.
  • Please thank Ceph for helping us releasing many many oneshots sooner =D
  • Rin is awesome. Sorry if this one took so long ;_;
  • Only one other Comic Gene oneshot in our to-do list. Okay, that should be queued soon. It looks really fun. We need a good laugh, don’t you think?

There’s a ton of oneshots to do. Lots of cleaned ones but can’t get near to releasing if not yet translated ^^; So it would be great if you can join us when you find the time! Thanks!

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3 Responses

  • Vix-en says:

    Romance is a thousand times more cliche than friendship, and it’s still the most popular genre in the world, so people complaining about shounen manga doing “that cliche friendship thing” always makes me laugh. In fact, any time someone criticises a manga/show “because it’s cliche” makes me laugh, cos that’s just a convenient excuse they use to hate on something for no actual reason. There is no such thing as a completely original concept in this world, and even if something is original doesn’t mean it’ll be any good.

    Thanks for this oneshot! You guys always pick nice stuff.

  • cats says:

    Thank you very much for the new oneshot!!

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