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Below are the list of Non-English Scanlation Groups that scanlate TZA projects to their respective languages.

A big applause to them for spreading the manga love to more fans throughout the world! Please support them as well:














~ For any incorrect details/links or if you have changed your group name or website, please post a comment to this article. Thanks!
~ If your group has been added before but it’s not in this list, please post a comment with the details we need at the Rescanlation page again. Thank you.
~ If your group is not in this list and you haven’t asked to rescanlate a TZA project before, please read the Rescanlation page. Thank you very much.

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  • Suppy says:

    Hi, sorry for trouble but there is a little change >.<

    This: "
    Uc-Cervello (Alt. Link)

    Translation, raws (or the original kanji name of ch)"

    become this (XD)

    "Crudele Rubrica

    Translation, edits"

    Crudele is the old Alt. Link, I no longer work for UC and I've retired my proj from them (so they don't deserve my permission -.-), also if we need eventually raw we ask directly to Ayu like for Conductor

    • Anime Maniac001 says:

      Ok, so the Uc-Cervello goes out, and only Crudele Rubrica stays. Go it. Please check if everything is alright. Thanks for letting us know about the changes. Now, is the name of the team rescanlating the series you asked need changing too? If so, could you tell me which ones? *time is a little thin at the moment* I will correct them as soon as I can

      • Suppy says:

        There is only to change in Zero-sum oneshot Musical Scale City and Arcana antologhy, if I remember right I ask perm only for that (and even if I ask something else I dnt remember so is improbably that I do the Italian version XD).
        Also I notice there is another Italian group for one Arcana oneshot, but I try to find it (for collaborating and do fast the antologhy) but they ddnt exist or the group/forum has been dead for many years.
        Sorry for trouble.

        • Anime Maniac001 says:

          Ok, I will change the names for those projects. About Italianime, well, it must have slipped from at the time (dunno what happened… way before I joined ^.^)

          But I do have some sites that might belong to them – though I can’t find if they released the arcana onshot or not (don’t understand itatian too well) – you can try to contact them if you see the oneshot (delete the spaces): http://italianime. forumfree. it/
          or this site: http://italianime. altervista. org/

          Thanks again for going for this trouble! We really appreciate it

  • mayhong_ha says:

    Hi, I’m from the Vietnamese group named Sunflower Group, and since we have changed our website into this: http://sunflowergrouptranslation.wordpress.com/, could you please change it?
    Thank you very much!

  • Yuumi says:

    Hi, I’m from the group Lady Otomen, we changed the url. The new url: http://www.lady-otomen-project.blogspot.com.br could you please change it? :]

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