Makai Ouji Release and Announcements!

September 13th, 2013 | Posted by TZA in Releases

Today we’re super excited to release the next chapter of Makai Ouji (Pillar 37), something we know quite a lot readers have been anticipating! (Especially now that the anime has aired).

We also have some announcements about our releases, so please do read them ^^

As you might already know, the series has been licensed in English by Seven Seas. We prefer not to work on licensed series, so our releases of Makai Ouji will stop after chapter 45. Hopefully we can continue to keep you guys updated about Makai Ouji by doing chapter summaries though. Thanks to NinjaSheik who suggested the idea of summaries to us via our group email!

Please support the official releases of both the anime and manga if you are able! You can watch the anime on CrunchyRoll and the first volume of the English manga will be released next year! Of course, we also encourage you to support the Japanese releases, which you can purchase on various online stores if you’re not in Japan. It would be wonderful if you buy or subscribe to Zero-Sum as well, where the series is officially serialized.

By the way, it has been pointed out to us that certain spellings we have used are different from the official ones and apparently this is causing some confusion, so we would like to clarify this matter: There were no official spellings at the time we began translating the series, so any spellings we have used are our own preference and may or may not match the official ones.

There are multiple acceptable spellings on the character’s names (e.g. Sitori’s name can be spelled as “Sytry” or “Sitri”).  If the official translations are different from ours, that doesn’t mean that the official ones are incorrect or vice versa. Besides, sites like Wikipedia aren’t to be trusted 100%. Refer to official sites if you want to know what’s more accurate. Scanlators are just fans of the series, and are normal people that can make mistakes. Hopefully you understand that.

We also realise that some people are frustrated with the pace at which we release. We’re quite a small group and real life takes priority, so occasionally we can’t work as fast as we would like to. Please don’t think that a series is dropped simply because there haven’t been any releases in a while. We’re active on our homepage, as well as twitter and tumblr, so you can easily contact  us about the status of any project.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy Makai Ouji with us ♥

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13 Responses

  • endlessabyss says:

    I was hoping for a continuous scanlation for the manga, but the reason is understandable.

    Anyways, thanks for scanlating this next chapter! ^^

  • Nancy says:

    omg, look at them as pretty bishounens~ Bonus: In the water too!!
    haha, this is definitely a sight to remember! (/^q^)/ the precious…

    Oh NO… thank YOU for sparing your time for us!!

  • sheory says:

    Thank you so much for this release!
    Sad that the scans will be end with chapter 45 =(

  • kiggy says:

    i was hoping you would continue.
    Having them to catch up is absolute torture. Iguess good things always end.

    Thanks guys.

  • Makiavelika says:

    OMG!! Thanks!! Banzai!!

  • Krysium says:

    Please, please, please, please!!! don’t stop after chapter 45, we really love your work translating this and now it has been licensed you will stop scanlating it and we will die >.< Seven Seas is going to take years to catch up with this, so please, I ask you in the name of all the fans of this series to reconsider the decision. Please, we really love your job =(

  • Mylamx says:

    It’s a shame that you’ll stop after chap. 45 but i’m really glad that you decided to make summaries. ^_^ It’s way better than nothing. I’m fine with summaries. Just combine summaries with jap. raws or chinese scans and there’s nothing to complain about. :3

  • Gina says:

    Thanks for all your hard work on the series so far :) and even though you will stop it’s kind of you to offer summaries!

  • Alice Baskerville says:

    Where can I find chapter 41

    • zeroalliance says:

      We won’t release it for a while because we’re only on chapter 37 at the moment. We decided that we’re not going to skip chapters just because another group already released them.

      • Gary says:

        Hey do you know if Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist is going to a get second season? I feel like the ending left a lot of potential for a sequel.

  • masquerade says:

    I been waiting for so long for the release of makai ouji chapter 41. It has been 1 year since chapter 40 was released. Please I need the next chapter soon. I am really excited on what will happen next. Please update as soon as possible. It is one of best manga story I have read so far.

  • masquerade says:

    I hope there is a second and third season for the anime Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist preferably in English dubbed and 500 more chapters in English for manga. I am not exaggerating. It just shows how I like the anime very much. Please update.

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