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LaLa oneshots belong to either of these two manga magazines published by Hakusensha: LaLa and LaLa DX.
If you can’t subscribe to it at your local bookstore, you may subscribe/buy through CD Japan (LaLa / LaLa DX).

I’m the Demon King!
by Nozaki Ayu

Hakusensha | LaLa DX | 2010
Comedy, School Life
demon king, transfer student

In the midst of a battle against heroes, the demon king, Rou is transported to to a different world, where he ends up as a high school transfer student. When his classmate, Hitose discovers his true identity, she tells Rou that she wants to help him get back home. Although Rou thinks of Hitose as annoying and strange at first, they manage to form a friendship.

Release: [ Nov. 30. 13. ] Download | PDF
Project Notes:
Scanlators in Other Languages:
{SPANISH } – Sweet Yaoi Fansub

In The Corner Of The Schoolyard
(Manabiya no Sumi)
by Yuki Midorikawa

Hakusensha | LaLa | 2004
Romance, Slice of Life, Drama
school, piano, teacher, student

Noda is a high school freshman and has been assigned to be the assistant to Suga Sensei. She is responsible for walking him from the teacher’s lounge to the classroom and doing various chores. Suga Sensei is young, but cool and collected. He never smiles and puts up a scary face so all the students avoid socializing with him. Noda was like that too, until one day, she saw him inside a temple and he was a completely different person! Now, Noda is determined to find out more about him and his past!

Release: [ Jun. 06. 10. ] Download | PDF | 4Shared | MediaFire
Project Notes:
Joint Project with Ashitaka x Taiyou
Previously under Hyper Parfait
Scanlators in Other Languages:
{ ITALIAN } – Scarlet Night Scans
{ VIETNAMESE } – VNS Translation Group

The Greedy Couple
(Yokubari na Bokura)
by Kawaguchi Kei

Hakusensha | LaLa DX | 2010
Comedy, Romance
company, heir, greed, tape, trauma

As a child, Ichinose was given whatever he wanted. Now it’s his dream to take over his father’s company, but Ichinose’s father believes that he is too selfish to manage the company. When Tsubasa takes the last pudding at the cafeteria, and won’t let Ichinose have it, no matter how much money he offers her, Ichinose asks Tsubasa to help him become less of a selfish person.

Release: [ Apr. 01. 17. ] Download
Project Notes:
Scanlators in Other Languages:

Komugi and the Cuisine of the World Boys
(Komugi to Sekai no Ryouri-kun)
by Shinmoto Shin

Hakushensha | Lala DX | 2011
Fantasy, Comedy, Historical
cuisine, food, cooking, omelet, France, Japan, magic

Komugi has lived most of her life at home, until one day when her father suddenly comes home with two tiny men. These two tiny men are the incarnations of legendary enchanted cookbooks. Komugi’s Dad charges the two, French Cuisine and Japanese Cuisine, to live with and cook for his daughter. How will Komugi cope with the two tiny rambunctious and handsome guys?

Release: [ Jan. 22. 12. ] Download | PDF | 4shared | MediaFire
Project Notes:
Joint Project w/ Omari’s Sister
Scanlators in Other Languages:
{ ITALIAN } – Shoujonk Team
{ SPANISH } – Ryuusei no Mafia
{ RUSSIAN } – Seven Sky Team

Please Eat, Demon-san 
(Meshimase, Mamono-san)
by Yaya Arika

Hakusensha | Hana to Yume Online | 2012
Romance, Supernatural
demons, letters

Kotaro is always writing letters to Eliza, the girl he likes, but never has the courage to give them to her. One day, a hungry demon called Colchette wanders into Kotaro’s garden, attracted by his collection of letters, and encourages him to confess his feelings to Eliza.

Release: [ Apr. 21. 17. ] Download
Project Notes:
Scanlators in Other Languages:

Vahlia’s Bridegroom
(Vahlia no Hanamuko)
by Akizuki Sorata

Lala DX | Hakushensha | 2010
Romance, Adventure
engagement, family, bride, wedding, wolves, journey

Jiru and Vahlia were engaged. But Jiru suddenly went missing!
Four years later, Vahlia was betrothed to another man.
During the night of the celebration of her second engagement, Vahlia decides to go on a journey… in search of Jiru!

Release: [ Mar. 31. 11. ] Download | PDF | 4Shared | MediaFire
Project Notes:
Joint Project w/ Omari’s Sister
Scanlators in Other Languages:
{ FRENCH } – Kokoro no Manga
{ GERMAN } – Onegai-Translation + akuma-corp
{ ITALIAN } – Shoujonk Team
{ SPANISH } – Sora no Enogu

Young Master Billy’s Melancholy
(Billy Boucchan no Yutsu)
by Yumi Kiiro

Hakushensha | Lala DX (and Comic Holmes) | 2006
Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Historical
noble, money, women, engagement, bell tower, mother

Billy of the Austine Family is very busy… very busy playing around with women every night. That habit of his has caused problems to his family’s reputation. His father decides to have him engaged, and he should tell all the women he dated about the engagement. On his journey, Billy is accompanied by his loyal servant, Cate. As he settles his past: there are tears, rage, surprises… and danger.

Release: [ Aug. 08. 11. ] Download | PDF | 4Shared | MediaFire
Project Notes:
Joint Project w/ Omari’s Sister
Scanlators in Other Languages:
{ RUSSIAN } – The World of Clow Russian scanlation team
{ SPANISH } – Sora no Enogu

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