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  • You’ve got to be sure that YOU HAVE FREE TIME for this. There’s no point if you’re too busy anyway.
  • You can open both RAR and ZIP files. Files are often compressed that way.
  • You will not be paid. This is voluntary work of fans for fans.
  • There’s no age requirement. As long as you’re not immature and irresponsible, there’s no problem.
  • Experience is preferred but not required. We would like to believe in natural talent.


  • Scanner
    – scans from a manga/tankoubon or manga magazine, or can attain decent scanned copies from other sources (no watermark).
    – it would also be terrific if you can scan from any of the following magazines: Zero-Sum, Zero-Sum WARD, Comic Gene, Avarus, Sylph, GFantasy, Asuka, Lala, Lala DX, Wings, and similar magazines.
  • Translator
    – translates from Japanese to English.
    – knows mid-level to advanced Japanese (not all text to be translated have furigana).
    – flexible to, or at least familiar with, British English
    – has decent grammar (correct spacing and punctuation used most of the time)
    (Having MS Word, Open Office, Notepad, or Wordpad is necessary)
  • Cleaner
    – could remove the Japanese text from scans and make them presentable.
    – doesn’t have to be capable of doing complex editing, but being able to redraw as well would be cool. But if you are capable of advanced cloning and redrawing, you’ll be considered as both a Cleaner and Redrawer.
    (Having Adobe Photoshop is necessary)
  • Redrawer
    – a Cleaner that could merge spreads and do challenging pages wherein some redrawing and advanced cloning would be necessary.
    – doesn’t have to do all the pages; only the challenging ones.
    (Having Adobe Photoshop is necessary)
  • Typesetter
    – can place translated texts on cleaned pages, making the fonts as similar to their Japanese equivalent as possible.
    – being an Editing Typesetter is preferred, but not mandatory. An Editing Typesetter, that can also take care of whatever the cleaner has missed or takes note of whatever the proofreader might have missed,
    (Having Adobe Photoshop, and MS Word or Open Office is necessary)
  • Proofreader
    – decently fluent in English and has a proper grasp of English grammar and spelling.

    – can adjust/adapt to different types of English (American or British).
    – sometimes might need to do some research for double-checking translation notes.
    – ability to read hiragana and katakana (to identify missing translations)
    (Having MS Word or Open Office is necessary)
  • Mirror Distributor
    – can re-upload the releases to other sites (MediaFire, etc.), and/or have them available in other file formats (RAR, ZIP, PDF).
    (Having WinZip and WinRAR is necessary)


If you do not have experience, it begins with learning. However, we will not train you since there are already so many scanlation tutorials out there where you can learn from. We are only going to assist you in improving your skills, or give you tips to make your tasks easier or to accomplish them quicker.

Recommended Scanlation Editing Tutorials:

For Those Without Photoshop: There’s a free download here. That edition should be enough for scanlation tasks.


Honestly, an additional Ally/Member/Staff/Contributor to any of the projects would be appreciated.
But for the more urgent ones, please see the Summary of Allies Needed For Ongoing Projects List.

:::: JOIN NOW ::::

Send an e-mail to thezeroalliance[at]gmail[dot]com
(Replace “[dot]” with “.” and “[at]” with “@”)

Include the following information in your e-mail:


MESSAGE OF THE E-MAIL: (Fill up the items below)

Name/Alias: (What are you called? Who do you want to be credited as?)
Timezone/Country: (Mention your country or select a timezone from here; This is for the sake of knowing our time difference)
Gender: (No sexual discrimination. We just don’t want to be mistaken on the pronoun to use when referring to you.)
Availability: (Only free during weekends? Only free at night? Free right now but busy next year?)
Desired Role: (Scanner? Translator? Cleaner? Redrawer? Typesetter? Editing Typesetter? Proofreader?)
Favorite TZA Project: (Whether it’s an Ongoing/Completed Oneshot or Series Project, please mentioned the title. “All” is acceptable, of course~
This will give us an idea of what project to assign you to.)
Gore and BL Tolerance: (Some of our projects contain extremely violent scenes, while some are about relationships between two guys (but our projects don’t have explicit sex scenes; just blushes/hugs/kisses). We respect if you’re bothered with such themes, so we’d like to know if you can handle such scenes so that we can make sure that you won’t come across such projects if ever you can’t.  But if you actually like them, or don’t mind them at least, then please tell us so that we’ll know =)
This won’t affect our decision in recruiting you. We just don’t want to give anyone nightmares, okay?)
Taste/Preferences: (What are your favorite genres? You can’t stand horror/gore? You like anything that involves supernatural creatures? You adore anything by your favorite mangaka? You are fond of shounen manga? What are your favorite manga that aren’t TZA projects?
Just saying “you don’t have any preferences at all” won’t be acceptable; THERE ALWAYS IS!)

Experience: (If applicable, mention scanlation group/s and project title/s)
Anything Else: (Any questions? Anything else you want to say?)

ATTACHMENTS TO THE E-MAIL: You can either attach them to the email or upload them online, then just provide the link

  • Scanner: Just share a picture of a RAW you’ve scanned.
    But if you’re not a newbie, you can just mention the scanlations you’ve scanned for, and for which group.
    (Acceptable Image File Types: JPEG)
  • Translator: Answer this Translator Trial.
    But if you’re not a newbie, you can just mention the scanlations you’ve  translated for, and for which group.
    (Acceptable Document File Types: .DOC, .DOCX )
  • Cleaner/Redrawer: Use this Cleaner Trial and/or this Redrawer Trial.
    But if you’re not a newbie, you can just mention the scanlations you’ve cleaned for, and for which group.
    (Acceptable Image File Types: TIF, PSD ) 
  • Typesetter/Editing Typesetter: Use this Typesetter or this Editing Typesetter Trial.
    But if you’re not a newbie, you can just mention the scanlations you’ve typesetted for, and for which group.
    (Acceptable Image File Types: TIF )
  • No attachments for proofreaders… your “test” is based on your e-mail content.

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