It’s the White Rabbit! (And Announcing Our New Project: SERVAMP!)

May 1st, 2013 | Posted by TZA in Releases | TZA

Good news #1: We’ve got Check #9 out where the White Rabbit makes his debut ;)

We are slowly catching up on Shiro Ari xD Check # 10 should be out soon, and the whole 2nd and 3rd volume are already translated actually xD (Go thank Melody for being amazing) To have them out sooner, I suppose it would be great if someone can help Sencha Project (our collaboration partner that’s taking care of the cleaning) in redrawing (or also cleaning). We prefer someone with experience because Shiro Ari’s a little challenging to clean ^^;

Typesetting assistance would be fantastic too! This series has so many text @_@

So if you can help us with the editing, please JOIN THE ALLIANCE! :D

Good news #2: We’ve been asking you guys which you want TZA to pick as its next project, remember?

Well, due to popular demand and because we’ve got volunteers for it, we are happy to announce that TZA is picking up SERVAMP! It got 14.4% of the votes, out of the 15 titles we’re considering!

We’ll be picking up from where Omari’s Sister has left. If things go according to plan, our translator, Melody, will be able to start on the chapters (that are not yet translated by OS) after she’s done with Shiro Ari volume 4.

Folks from La Noche de los Caídos informed us that they can help in editing SERVAMP, please send us an email soon so we can start discussing our arrangements for this project =)

By the way, if your group is has already asked Omari’s Sister to rescanlate SERVAMP to your language, and you want to continue rescanlating it from TZA’s releases, please ask us through here once we have released a chapter of SERVAMP. No advanced permissions! (Only our collaboration partner is listed as the rescanlator in advanced.)

Lastly, SERVAMP is just one of the projects we’ll be picking up. Stay tuned to our future announcements to know which one’s next ;)

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