Happy New Year!

January 5th, 2014 | Posted by TZA in Releases

shiro_ari_11A belated Happy New Year to everyone! Today we have a double release of Shiro Ari for you guys. Chapters 11 and 12 are available for your viewing pleasure~ :D

Apologies that our releases have slowed down lately as the staff are going through a busy time at the moment. However, we are slowly doing our best to get back on track, so watch this space for info on our 2014 plans! We hope for your support again this year too :)

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  • HeartsGrow says:

    I really love this manga! So happy for the double updates! I will definitely support you guys! :3

  • Otakux3 says:

    I thank you very much for release mangas chapter of shiro ari and another mangas i know this job is hard and i wanna help but i can’t read japanese or something of what :x so all what i can do ( think so) is to say thank you guys and i’m sorry for the bad english yeah xD and i have a ask how can i help of a otherwise i want to help you made so much happiness for the otakus with the release of chapters so i want to do something too!

  • omurice says:

    YAY~ It’s been a while since the last update and today is a double date! :O
    Appreciate the hard work, have healthy 2014!

  • Shine! says:

    Yay, thanks! This is one of my favorite ongoing mangas so far so thanks a lot for translating it!

  • dira says:

    i want to ask..when this manga will update ? i really curios :D and thank u for your hard work :)

    • zeroalliance says:

      Hello! There is one chapter being typeset at the moment, but I’m not sure about the exact date when it will be finished yet, sorry >_<

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