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GFantasy oneshots belong to a manga magazine published by Square Enix: GFantasyIf you can’t subscribe to it at your local bookstore, you may subscribe/buy through CD Japan.

Hi ☆ Hi ☆Hi ☆ School Life
by Kurafuji Kazuki

Square Enix | G-Fantasy | 2012
Comedy, School Life
studying, otaku, motivation

Chiaki is an apathetic high school student who rarely studies. One day, his childhood friend, Naoya recruits a classmate to help Chiaki pass the makeup exams, but it seems that nothing will motivate him…

Release: [ Sep. 21. 13. ] Download | PDF
Project Notes:
A mistake on the credits page: the one who translated this was Kujaku
Scanlators in Other Languages:

Nica and Killey
by Aida Iro

Square Enix | GFantasy | 2012
magic, familiar

It’s exam time at Lumieria Magic School and apprentice witch Killey is busy studying. Her familiar Nica offers to take care of the house during the exams…will this clumsy familiar find a way to help his mistress?

Release: [ Jan. 15. 13. ] Download | PDFMediaFire
Project Notes:
Scanlators in Other Languages:
{ RUSSIAN } – Seven Sky Team
{ SPANISH } – Kurai Wonderland Fandub
{ VIETNAMESE } – Kudamono Team

Please Help Me!
(Tasukete Kudasai)
by Shiratama

Square Enix | G-Fantasy | 2012
heroes, rivals

Calbi is the star of a hero show, however, he gets into trouble five minutes before the show is due to start. To make matters worse, the only person able to save him is his co-star Rose, the last person Calbi wants to be helped by! Will the two of them make it to the show in time…?

Release: [ Jun. 22. 13. ] Download | PDF
Project Notes:
Scanlators in Other Languages:

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