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October 4th, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases

Sorry for the delay, but we’re happy to announce that the 17th chapter of Shiro Ari is finally here! 
Check it out at the project page as usual~ Alice and White Rabbit are hilarious. I think fans of both/either Alice x Snow White and Mirror x Snow White will enjoy this chapter.

Alright, below are some updates (related and unrelated to Shiro Ari):

  • I think we’re okay with Shiro Ari on staff for now… but still lacking on the scans. We don’t have chapters 21 onwards yet. We’ve got a volunteer for chapters under volume 5…. but still resolving downloading issues on it, ahaha.
  • We are slowly catching up on oneshots… especially the Arcana ones. There isn’t much left in our pending list anyway, so we should wrap it up soon.
  • The next oneshot we’re aiming to release next isn’t an Arcana oneshot though. It’s a oneshot from Anime Ace (Is that magazine still alive?) There’s a sneak peek at tumblr.
  • Thanks to our new translator, Kyu-san, we are slowly catching up on many of our oneshots, starting with the BL ones. Oh thank goodness they can be released sooner than expected <3
    But of course, Kyu-san can’t do it alone so if you can translate well and can help out the group, that would be very helpful. Experience isn’t required but a really good grasp of the Japanese language will greatly minimize the time spent by proofreaders and translation/quality checkers =)

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