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(Latest Update: February 7, 2013)

Are you recruiting or do you need help?
YES, we need as much help as possible. Please see this page for more details.

I don’t think I can help with the scanlating process. Any other way I could help?
1) Support the mangaka by buying the manga or subscribing to the magazine.
2) Spread the love. Tell others about how awesome the manga is.
3) Share with us your thoughts (through comments, answering polls, saying thanks, etc.). It’s honestly motivating.
4) Help us out as a blogger, graphic artist, web designer, etc.

Can we have a joint project with TZA?
That depends on the project (new or current) and on what you will need and offer. Most current projects need editing assistance.
Please e-mail us for further discussion.

Can I/we scanlate a TZA project to another language?
Yes, as long as you comply with some conditions. Read this page for more details.
Emails or asking about rescanlations anywhere other than that page will not be acknowledged (in other words, IGNORED)

We are rescanlating your project/s, and if you need help on the editing, we can offer you assistance! We want to become TZA’s Collaboration Partner!
That would be VERY much appreciated. Please send us an email (mention your group, which project you want to help with, and what you can contribute) for further discussion.

Can I upload TZA releases to websites such as Online Readers, Forums, etc.?
NO. Read this page for more details.
We do not have time for endless debates (in relation to uploading to online readers and doing scanlations). Comments that complain about that simple request will be considered to be from trolls.

Are you still working on this manga? Did you guys drop it?
All titles that are under the Active category are still being worked on and are of course, not dropped.
If ever we’re dropping a project, that shall be announced once confirmed and finalized.

Your releases are horrible! Translation’s poor, cleaning’s pathetic, and the typesets are are eyesore!
We are 100% aware that we’re not perfect. And we’ve never claimed to be a group that makes HQ (high quality) releases.
If you want the best quality, BUY THE ORIGINAL MANGA. No scanlation will ever beat the original.

Why are you doing Hyper Parfait Projects?
Hyper Parfait is closed. All of its active/finished projects are transferred to The Zero Alliance.

Can you share the raw files of a certain manga project with me?
NO. (Only our collaboration partners are exceptions)

There’s an error in the file! There’s a mistake in the release! There’s a broken link!
Thanks for pointing that out. Please post a comment on the release post about the problem and it’ll be taken care of as soon as possible.
Specify the error of course, don’t be so vague or else we won’t get it x_x Don’t be rude either… it’s tempting to leave the error as it is just to piss off the rude ones.
However, if it’s just a minor error or can be left as it is, then it won’t be updated (it’s such a hassle~). But definitely we’ll try to watch out for it on the next chapter release (if it’s a series).
If the correction of an error hasn’t been done for a long time, please remind us ^^;

When will the next release be?
It depends on the availability of the scanlators and of the raw (duh).
Actually, we don’t mind much if you ask this question, haha. As long as you ask it to us (nicely), not to those who just upload our hard work. We like seeing people as excited as we are about our projects~ It’s also a helpful reminder that we haven’t released a chapter for a certain project for quite a while.

What type of manga do you scanlate?
Unlicensed Series and Oneshots that the administrators and most of the members like.

You guys are awesome.
WE KNOW. Thank you.

Do you own this project/title/manga?
HELL NO! They belong to their own authors, artists, publishers, etc. We don’t claim them as our own.
We are not getting monetary gains from releases either. Don’t lump us together with those Online Readers that are getting richer thanks to other people’s hard work.


Post a comment with your question in this article.
You may also email us: thezeroalliance[at]gmail[dot]com
(Replace “[dot]” with “.” and “[at]” with “@”)

15 Responses

  • Kazuma Hoshino says:

    Hello! I come from IceFox in Vietnam, I can see groups of great manga, I want to get permisson manga “Cyber ​​Dorothy” for the service again. Hope you agree. And I look forward to your earliest reply in an email address: s2_yoyo_love_you_s2@yahoo.com.vn . Thanks you.

  • ioay says:

    hello! uhm..could you guys please put pics on the poll? it would be better with summary. because showing only the titles makes me confused and had to go ask google about the mangas. if you guys put pics and short summary, it would be easier to vote. ok, that’s it all. thank you~

  • Yufune NanoChou says:

    Hello, I’m from polish group Radiator and we’re doing Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino. We’ve already catch up with your released and since you’re saying that tl is ongoing but not edition I wanted to ask is there any chance to get translations only? We’ll credit you of course as we do in every release.

    • zeroalliance says:

      Although we translated until chapter 14, we didn’t make the final scripts to be used in our release yet. So it might be better just to wait until we release more chapters. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

  • xCutedevil says:

    Can you please translate the manga 1001 knights by sugisaki yukiru. (Its a shounen ai manga) I am aware that fallen syndicate is translating this manga but the translations are incorrect and don’t make any sense, you can ask every 1001 knights fan and they’ll say that the translation doesn’t make any sense So if you could translate this manga i would appreciate it so much!!

  • Kotaro1011 says:

    Hello TZA
    I’m a lead of a Vietnamese translating group name The Silent
    our website is: kotarogroup.wordpress.com
    Can you give me the permission to translate your scanlation project – The Killer into Vietnamese? (link: http://zero-alliance.org/a-killer-chapter/)
    Of course, we’d put your credit on the manga link to TZA
    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to read those marvelous translated manga.
    I hope you will answer soon

  • Jasmine says:

    Hello, I am looking to translate a shounen manga called Musashi no Ken. I have the raw scans ready and I can translate everything myself. I was wondering if there are any typesetter available/interested here to help? :o

  • Yuki says:


    I’m here as the leader of a new team of scantrad (Fr) . We have one of your projects that we particularly liked and we would like to know several things about it.
    First, it is the manga “The Killer” of KANAI Kei. We would like to translate it into French but for that we would like to know if another French team you asked for permission and therefore, if it is a reserved project. And if this project is free, we would like you to give us permission to translate it. Of course, the link of your team will be displayed in the credits of the translation.
    Hopefully the answer is positive.
    It would be better to email me for the answer. (abusankonki@outlook.com)
    thank you in advance.


    The Team « Abusan Konki »

    Ps : Sorry for my bad English.

  • Mia Mahela says:

    Hello ^^ I’m an italian translator. I’m alone and i’m going to open a small page soon. So, i haven’t a link and a name, but i will send them when it will be possible. Naturally, i will write your credits and your site’s link.
    I need Aoharu x kikanjuu/seishun x kikanjuu’s pages and translation.
    I will wait for your answer that i hope will be positive. ^^

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