Don’t Bully The One You Love!

March 13th, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases

The White Rabbit is a VERY BAD example of this!

Happy to announce that Shiro Ari chapter 16 is finally available at the project page! Hooray!

And here are some updates related to the project:

  • This is N0body’s, Securie Chan, and Elysia’s debut! Please thanks them for being awesome!
  • Ghostly Oxygen also tried this project. Thanks for your contribution!
  • I’m no longer sure if Elysia can continue with the other projects though. Seems that she had gotten busy. So….
  • Remember that we had been searching for Shiro Ari Typesetters last time? Well, we’re still searching until now. So if you think you’ve got the time and skills for it, please join! This chapter took longer than expected because I had to take over ^^; So it’ll be faster if it’ll be handled by someone with more time to typeset =)
  • There’s a kind soul that provided to us scans of chapter 30+… (they’re from volume 5, if I recall correctly). Volume 4 scans still in need (unless you’re willing to wait much longer, ahahaha…. x_x).

Thank yoooooou!

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