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February 7th, 2013 | Posted by TZA in Oneshots
Comic Gene oneshots belong to a manga magazine published by Media Factory: Comic Gene. If you can’t subscribe to it at your local bookstore, you may subscribe/buy through CD Japan.

Cyber Dorothy
(Densou Dorothy)
by Muranaka Souta

Media Factory | Comic Gene | 2012
Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Comedy
online game, Wizard of Oz, thieves, idols, haiku

A popular idol, Haruki, is the star of a commercial for an immersive virtual reality game called “Yellow Brick Road”. To help with the promotion of the game, his manager persuades him to enter the game as a “guardian” and defeat a band of thieves. However, Haruki encounters an adventure he never could have imagined!

Release: [ Jun. 03. 13. ] Download | PDF
Project Notes:
Scanlators in Other Languages:
{ SPANISH } – Sweet Yaoi Fansub

Distorted Dual
(Hizumi no Dual)
by Seno Haruki

Media Factory | Comic Gene | 2013
Supernatural, Action, Comedy, Drama
demon, demigod, sword, contract

Despite the danger, Kaname runs to his friend Takechiyo’s house when he saw it on fire. Instead of his friend, the one he encountered was a cat demon.
The next day, Kaname sees Takechiyo again, alive and unharmed… but his friend has become a different person. Kaname finds out the truth when he encounters the cat demon again…

Release: [ May. 22. 17. ] Download
Project Notes:
Scanlators in Other Languages:

There’s a Reason I’m Undead
(Jijou Ari Undead)
by Kochi Ryosuke

Media Factory | Comic Gene | 2012
Action, Comedy, Supernatural
zombies, vampires

A young man called Gil wanders out onto a snowy mountain, hoping that he’ll die there. However, Gil is saved by Torta, a zombie who’s determined to find a way to die. The two of them form an unlikely friendship and learn that living isn’t so bad after all.

Release: [ Oct. 31. 12. ] Download | PDF | MediaFire
Project Notes:
Scanlators in Other Languages:
{ FRENCH } – Angel’s Paradise
{ SPANISH } – Ryuusei no Mafia
{ RUSSIAN } – Seven Sky Team
{ VIETNAMESE } – Kudamono Team

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