A Fluffy Field Trip!

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Last chapter of Mofu Danshi! It’s been a long journey, but it’s finally complete. This chapter continues the field trip arc and it’s a pretty fun read. Enjoy~ Also, thanks again to The End for being a massive help with getting this series done. Please look forward to our next project with them, which will be finishing up the rest of The Killer. Yay!

White Rabbit to the Rescue!

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Shiro Ari Chapter 15 has been released! If you’re a White Rabbit x Dormouse shipper, you’ll definitely like this chapter~ (Or maybe frustrated too, because White Rabbit’s quite an idiot ^^; Haha!)

Hope you guys enjoy the chapter!

And oh, once again, WE’RE STILL LOOKING FOR A TRANSLATOR AND A TYPESETTER FOR THIS SERIES. Please send us an e-mail if interested so that we can speed up the releases.

Presently, there’s until Volume 4 (it’s until chapter 27, I think) to translation check, and until chapter 20 for typesetting =)

Lots of Fluff!

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More fluffy adventures! Yay~ Thanks to The End for helping us with this chapter too. Fluffy Boy has finally gotten its own page on the site, so you can now access the chapters from this link.

Fluffy Boy Returns!

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We’ve finally revived one of our series projects! Check out the next chapter of Fluffy Boy on the Comic Gene page~ We couldn’t have done it without our joint partner, The End, who do an awesome job of finishing up incomplete series. BL fans should also have something to look forward to pretty soon, as we’ve also been working with them on getting The Killer complete!

A Fortune From the God of Poverty

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I’m delighted to announce that we have yet another oneshot released, and it’s entitled Poor God’s Advice. You can check it out at our GANGAN Online page =) Enjoy~

If I’m not mistaken, the oneshot’s mangaka (Wazawa Kiri), is the same mangaka who did Fukigen na Mononokean. It’s a nice series, and it even has an anime airing =) Do check it out!

A Oneshot by Izayakaku’s Mangaka!

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2016-08-26 Post Oyozure

Hi folks! Here’s yet another oneshot entitled Deceptive Command. And to those already familiar with the art style, it’s created by Izayakaku‘s Author! So it won’t be a surprise if you begin to miss Yoritomo and friends while reading it, hehe.

The Oneshot’s found at the Altima Ace project page. Enjoy~

First Release in 2016!

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Hi everyone! Apologies for the long wait.

We are slowly catching up this year, and I hope Wind-up Syndrome‘s Kuro makes you smile:


Another Killer Chapter!

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Hello again! Just in case you haven’t come here via our tumblr, we’re not totally revived yet (please read our tumblr for more info on that…) This has been lying around for a while, but I’ve decided to release it today. The only thing holding it up was a lack of credit page, so I’m sorry such a small thing delayed the release! Chapter is released on the series’ project page as usual~

A KILLER chapter!

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I think many perverts fans will be enjoying this chapter :P

I honestly thought this was innocent shounen-ai when I took a peek at the chapter but… I guess I was wrong ^^; So I edited the project page and specified that it does have yaoi content.

Errr… to not keep your hopes too high; this chapter doesn’t contain errr… explicit scenes ^^;

*Ehem* Okay, I hope you guys enjoyed the third chapter :)

We’ll try to have the fourth chapter released very soon. For now, here’s a peek~

Hotaru’s Gun

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Let’s cheer for Hotaru in this chapter as she tries to win her gun! =D Check it out on the third chapter~

And what’s more awesome is that the anime has come! w00t! What did you guys think of it? =D

By the way, a group and a volunteer will be helping us out starting on chapters from volume 3…. so hopefully we’ll catch up soon!