Heroes and Rock Stars!

April 27th, 2013 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (2 Comments)

Sorry for not updating for quite a long time. But we assure to you that we’re not being idle… it just so happened that the admins got busier than usual ^^;

But we’ll be making up for it~ Well, starting now!

For today we’ve got TWO Arcana stories for you.

The first one is Rock X Rock Days by Mitsu Nanae. It’s about a high school rock band and its story starts with its main star member being kicked off from the group ^^; Why? Read to find out~ ;)

Mitsu-sensei is also the mangaka of Animaru Sentai Unlimited, which was one of our former projects. We can’t continue it, but it’s really fun. Hopefully another group will pick it up soon. Please do update us if your group picks it up (or if you’ve heard of a group that’s planning to pick it up).

The other Arcana Story is by Igarashi Ran. It’s called Hero’s Biography and it’s divided into two parts: one from volume 6 and the sequel in volume 15. The main characters seem to be goofing around playing heroes…. but unexpectedly they’re pretty awesome xD Don’t underestimate Earthlings! LOL! The main character reminds me so much of America from Hetalia.

If you like Igarashi Ran-sensei’s stuff, we are actually considering to pick up one of her works.  It’s called Ai ni Toshi no Sanante. We only see 1 vote on it at the moment though…. the chances of us picking it up will increase if there’ll be more votes :) But if there’ll be a group that would be able to pick it up, that would be fantastic! Please inform us so that we can scratch it off from our list. We have an eye on loads of other projects anyway :P

The Arcana Anthology is a joint with Forbidden Garden, with the exception of these two stories that started in Volume 6. We’ll try our best to give ya more Arcana goodies soon (And hopefully start on Arcana Anthology Plus afterwards)

Thanks and enjoy!