Fluffy Boy

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Fluffy Boy (Mofumen)
by Aiya Kyuu
Media Factory | Comic Gene | 2012
Comedy, Slice of Life
animals, transfer student

Nikoge Urushima is a perfect student who hides a secret from his classmates – he loves cute and fluffy things! However, when his class gains a fluffy transfer student, it seems as if his honour student image is about to be broken…


The Killer

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The Killer
by Kanai Kei
Taiyo Tosho | Hertz | 2010
Romance (Boys Love / Yaoi), Comedy, Drama

When Yoshiya receives unwanted attention from a customer at the bar where he works, one of the bar’s regulars, Haibara comes to his rescue. Yoshiya falls in love with Haibara, but how will he be able to confess his feelings when Haibara sees Yoshiya’s attitude towards him as nothing more than an act?


Rengoku no Cartagra

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The Purgatorial Cartagra

by Takahashi Ryo
Media Factory | Comic Gene | 2012
Supernatural, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, Action, Psychological
demons, contract, survival, sin, law

At Seirei Academy, a series of mysterious demonic ceremonies have been taking place and the transfer student, Yuriya Yuuki is suspected by his classmates. One evening, from his dormitory window, Yuriya sees a girl wandering outside and follows her. Once outside, he encounters a book which allows him to summon the demon Belial, who invites Yuriya to enter into a contract with him…


Bloody Junkie

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Bloody Junkie
by Hasumi Natsume
Square Enix | GANGAN Online | 2011
Horror, Suspense, Mystery, Psychological, Action
game, survival, streaming, chat, kill, brother

When Shouta finally finds a clue to his missing brother’s disappearance, he mysteriously wakes up in a room he’s never seen before. The events of this room are broadcast online, and the only link with the outside is voice chat with the viewers of the broadcast. In the midst of this extreme environment, a battle royale style murder game begins!


The Rebellious Librarian’s Record of Unsolved Cases

by Runami Kinashi
Mag Garden | Comic Avarus | 2011
Mystery, Supernatural, Psychological
library, basement, books, repair, cases, police, forger

Katagiri Private Library. In an ordinary underground room at the library, there is a librarian. Akira Bundo is a man who loves books and works hard to restore them. He’s a book nerd who finds it difficult to get on with other people, but requests to solve cold cases somehow find their way to him. The secret behind that is…


The Conductor

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The Conductor

by Kaminaga Manabu and Noki Ya
Kadokawa Shoten | Asuka | 2010
Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Suspense
conductor, music, piano, flute, violin, musical, dream, skull, counselling, relationships, memory, murder, police, forbidden fruit
             Naomi, a flautist, was plagued by nightmares every night that forced her to seek the help of counsellor Matsuzaki. Ishikura, a police inspector, unexpectedly discovered a headless mummified body in an empty apartment and is now on the case. When Naomi regains her lost memories, the curtains also open to a tragedy! (Saffron)



Honegoe Monogatari

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(Story of the Bones’ Voices)

by Akisawa Maki
Mag Garden | Comic Avarus | 2009
Horror, Supernatural, Historical
bones, skeleton, skull, priest, Buddhism, karma, rebirth, death

“Everything is linked to karma.”
Skull priests can hear the voices of the dead and save them.
Tokimaru is that kind of priest, and he helps out a princess in clearing her regret.
But he claims that he doesn’t save anyone, and that he only listens to skulls to help himself.
What’s Tokimaru’s objective? What karma does he bear?

(Sapphire Pyro)


12人の優しい殺し屋 – LEO MURDER CASE
12 Tender Killers in a Mixed Up World – Leo Murder Case

by Founder Masaki, Higuri Yuu, Takahashi Ryo
Mag Garden |  Comic Avarus | 2009
Action, Mystery, Drama
assassin, zodiac, lion, bishounen, host club

Seducing the guests to make them pay the most, that is the job of a host. Takashi, currently the No. 1 host, is an apparent professional when it comes to being a host. Being a host isn’t Takashi’s only job. The Persona XII, guided by the stars are to preserve the balance of fate. The eyes on an assassin serves the guidance of the stars.


Tousei Gensou Hakubutsushi

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A History of Present Day Illusions

by Katayama Shuu
Ichijinsha | Comic Zero-Sum | 2009
Mystery, Historical, Supernatural, Horror
spirits, ghosts, murder, tokugawa era, water

It’s the early days of the Showa Era. In a really ordinary looking and peaceful city, no one notices the strange things that are happening. Shinobu, a university student who manages his father’s second hand shop, comes face to face with one mystery after another. At some point, these events lead to a story…



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by Takahashi Ryo
Mag Garden Comic Blade Avarus 2010
Action, Alternate History, Military, Political
black rose, Führer, world war, death, bodyguard, assassin, government, military, perfect world, beauty, completeness, traitor, blood, weapon, lamb, plan

After World War III, the Führer established the Unified World Government. Anything considered as damaging to the creation of the “Perfect World” is eliminated, such as people with disabilities, believers of a different religion, those that are considered as “traitors”, and so on.
The Black Rose is the personal protection guard unit of the Führer. Luka Ogami, the top graduate of the academy of unified army officers, joins the Black Rose… to save the world
(Sapphire Pyro & Yukihito)