The Survival Games Addiction

March 17th, 2015 | Posted by TZA in Manga News | Releases - (2 Comments)

Behold! A sparkling Yukki! Haha!

Presenting to you guys the second chapter of the bad boys with machine guns xD See it at the project page~ (It has been updated with some tankoubon links until volume 6. Please support the mangaka by buying the manga~)

This shall serve as a celebration to the announcement of the upcoming anime adaptation of the series! HOORAY!

Let’s continue supporting the series and hope that the anime will become a success :)

We’ve heard that there shall be more anime-related announcements this weekend. Stay tuned!

SerVamp in English This March!

March 4th, 2015 | Posted by TZA in Manga News | Releases | TZA - (0 Comments)

Kuro is freakin’ adorable….
Sorry for the delay ^^; But today we’ve managed to have the fifth chapter out =) You can get it here~

Find out what happens next (in English) once the first volume is release this coming March 17, 2015!!!

It had been so much fun working on this entertaining series. But today we’re saying goodbye to this project since Seven Seas has already given it love =D

We would like to thank everyone who had contributed to this project and to those who had given us support.

Please continue loving the series and in supporting the mangaka, either by buying the Japanese originals or by purchasing the English versions =)

Cosplayers FTW!

May 4th, 2013 | Posted by TZA in Manga News | Releases - (2 Comments)

Sorry for the wait! But anyway, chapter 8 is finally out ;) We had help from Aniblog Team, Bloody Junkie’s Russian Scanlator, on this chapter. Thanks guys!

We get to know more about our crazy little cosplayer in this chapter =) It appears that this fellow is also so loved that he’s featured as a weekly illustration at GANGAN Online right now; he’s even on the cover of volume 2!

Unfortunately…. there’s some bad news too.

For those who haven’t heard about it yet, well, you see, Bloody Junkie was discontinued. Apparently, tankoubon sales weren’t going very well in Japan =/ So we’re tortured about not knowing what happens next after chapter 9 =(

So TZA will have finished this series once chapter 9 and the tankoubon extras are out (which should be not later than next month since the second volume’s gonna be released late this month.)

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed the chapter ^^