Bloody Junkie

February 7th, 2013 | Posted by TZA in Completed Series | Projects
Bloody Junkie
by Hasumi Natsume
Square Enix | GANGAN Online | 2011
Horror, Suspense, Mystery, Psychological, Action
game, survival, streaming, chat, kill, brother

When Shouta finally finds a clue to his missing brother’s disappearance, he mysteriously wakes up in a room he’s never seen before. The events of this room are broadcast online, and the only link with the outside is voice chat with the viewers of the broadcast. In the midst of this extreme environment, a battle royale style murder game begins!

Release: 11/22/2012

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Release: 05/22/2013

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  • This series is bimonthly.
  • The cancellation of the series was announced on its 9th chapter.


  • { BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE } – Vodka Jelly
  • { FRENCH } – Black Butterfly
  • { INDONESIAN } – Bahasa Manga
  • { ITALIAN } – Black Dagger Sisterhood
  • { HUNGARIAN } – Urahara Shop
  • { POLISH } – Black Lantern
  • = COLLABORATION = { RUSSIAN } – Aniblog   Seven Sky Team
  • { SPANISH } – Ryuusei no Mafia
  • {THAI} – Moonlight


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3 Responses

  • Noire says:

    Every so often I find myself having the need to see whether or not an unread chapter has been posted up. Though, it makes me rather sad to know that I must wait some more, the time spent waiting has only made me more optimistic whenever a chapter of this manga ever does come up. When it does I’m usually just brimming with gleefulness at the very sight. :D

    I could tell you a lot of things that I love about this manga. I could tell you that it’s a nice change to see a character who spends his time eluding the local villains, all whilst we see other mangas have their characters do battle while usually never confronting their past fears, relationships, and thoughts. Shota has the potential in growing to a person who could do things that other survival-battle-themed mangas haven’t. Since I like Shota so much as a protagonist, I’ve dubbed him as the “Pacifistic Bad-ass”, merely because he’s just that awesome. ^^

    Anyway, after writing off a long reading, I like to just say “thanks” for all your hard work! You guys don’t even get paid to do this but yet you still commit yourselves nonetheless. Thanks again! ^^

  • Gray Gray says:

    I don’t usually like violent mangas, but this was really well done. The translation was so easy to follow. Thank you for the hard work.

  • Nururu says:

    Thanks for your wardwork. Looking forward to read this :)

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