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AriA oneshots belong to a manga magazine published by Kodansha: AriA.
If you can’t subscribe to it at your local bookstore, you may subscribe/buy through CD Japan.

The Devil Mansion’s Teacher
(Akuma Yashiki no Kyouikugakari)
by Houjou Yutori & Mochizuki Kako

AriA | Kodansha | 2010
Supernatural, Comedy, Drama, Action
curse, mansion, monster, spider, snake, teacher, human

Reki Asubino possesses a cursed mark on his hand.
Because of it, neighbors and classmates avoid him; his parents have left him as well.
Reki may be the only person left inside the Devil’s Mansion… but he’s not alone.
He has a lot of servants in his house… however, they’re just not human.
He was given as many presents as he would please, but what he really wants is a human companion.
One day, he finally gets what he had always wanted inside a box, literally.
Though Reki didn’t only get a human, but also a caring teacher… and a dear friend… or did he?

Release: [ Feb. 19. 11. ] Download | PDF | 4Shared | MediaFire
Project Notes:
Joint Project w/ Omari’s Sister
Scanlators in Other Languages:
{ SPANISH } – Ryuusei no Mafia
{ VIETNAMESE } – Miu Miu Team

Only Your Hero
by Nishino Kihara

Kodansha | AriA | 2012
Drama, Romance
childhood friends, first love

Sousuke is a shy high school student who is in love with his childhood friend, Yobiko. Yobiko has been attacked by crows since she was a young girl, causing the other children to avoid her, but Sousuke has always been there to protect her. When the park where she used to hide from the crows is demolished, Sousuke promises that he’ll try even harder to protect Yobiko.

Release: [ Dec. 25. 12. ] Download | PDF | MediaFire
Project Notes:
Scanlators in Other Languages:
{ SPANISH } – Clockwise
{ RUSSIAN } – Seven Sky Team

Naked, Except for a Muffler
(Hadaka Muffler)
by Mochi

Kodansha | AriA | 2010
fashion, design, model, naked, pervert, school, contest, clothes

Nozaki Momiji hasn’t been designing clothes recently. Tani-sensei worries that Momiji might be in a slump, so she makes her student participate in a school fashion show against Momiji’s will.
Tani-sensei introduces to Momiji an upperclassman named Miyata. He’s a very attractive young man that he could make a girl drool with just a glance. He makes a wonderful model…
However…. he wears nothing but a muffler!
Now Momiji doesn’t only have to design clothes for him…. she’ll also need to make him put something on!

Release: [ Oct. 10. 10. ] Download | PDF | 4Shared | MediaFire
Project Notes:
Previously under Hyper Parfait
Joint Project w/ Omari’s Sister
Scanlators in Other Languages:
{ SPANISH } – Doki Doki Kirai
{ VIETNAMESE } – VNS Translation Group

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