The Zero Alliance is a group that consists of manga fans who want to promote Japanese manga that are not (yet) available in English.

The group’s projects can be from any of the four main demographics: shoujo, shounen, josei, or seinen. In 2013, TZA has started picking up shounen-ai projects as well.

The genres of most TZA projects consist of fantasy, supernatural, horror, mystery, psychological, historical, comedy, and action. Some projects have mature themes (in terms of violence and profanity), but none would be sexually explicit.



All of the manga and images on this blog are the property of their respective artists and owners.
TZA does not claim any right to or ownership of any of these works.


It all began at Hyper Parfait, which was handled by an independent scanlator who got help from contributors. Hyper Parfait (or H*P) open in 2008, but closed down at the end of 2010.

But all of its ongoing projects are moved to a new home:

The Zero Alliance was founded by b1px, Sapphire Pyro, and Yukihito. Those three got connected because of Comic ZERO-Sum (hence, the name of the group).

Some of the former contributors at Hyper Parfait have moved to TZA. Eventually more people volunteered to help with TZA projects. Members of the Alliance are called Allies.

Presently, the group is being administered by Kaito and Yukihito.


Some Allies are not mentioned in credit pages, but they’ve also greatly contributed to TZA. They are the following:

  • AnimeManiac001 – mirrors (current), site updates (current)
  • Mimiko – mirrors (current), site updates (current)
  • Kanki – mirrors (before)
  • Selgalad – mirrors (current)
  • Cien – banners (before)
  • Sail – banners (before)
  • Ayu – images used in banners
  • Anonymous – images used in banners


This group celebrates its anniversary on January 10.

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