Finally Another Kiss…

October 4th, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (1 Comments)

Sorry for the delay, but we’re happy to announce that the 17th chapter of Shiro Ari is finally here! 
Check it out at the project page as usual~ Alice and White Rabbit are hilarious. I think fans of both/either Alice x Snow White and Mirror x Snow White will enjoy this chapter.

Alright, below are some updates (related and unrelated to Shiro Ari):

  • I think we’re okay with Shiro Ari on staff for now… but still lacking on the scans. We don’t have chapters 21 onwards yet. We’ve got a volunteer for chapters under volume 5…. but still resolving downloading issues on it, ahaha.
  • We are slowly catching up on oneshots… especially the Arcana ones. There isn’t much left in our pending list anyway, so we should wrap it up soon.
  • The next oneshot we’re aiming to release next isn’t an Arcana oneshot though. It’s a oneshot from Anime Ace (Is that magazine still alive?) There’s a sneak peek at tumblr.
  • Thanks to our new translator, Kyu-san, we are slowly catching up on many of our oneshots, starting with the BL ones. Oh thank goodness they can be released sooner than expected <3
    But of course, Kyu-san can’t do it alone so if you can translate well and can help out the group, that would be very helpful. Experience isn’t required but a really good grasp of the Japanese language will greatly minimize the time spent by proofreaders and translation/quality checkers =)