Happy Halloween New Year!

January 23rd, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (2 Comments)

I think THIS picture best describes our feelings right now:
2017-01-23 HDOW 12

  • Chapter 12 is finally available at the project page! 
  • Sorry, Adalin, for only managing to release the chapter you’ve translated years ago only today >_<
  • Thanks Ayu Sasmitha for beginning the cleaning marathon of this project!
  • RheaHanna is continuing the marathon right now (already at chapter 17). Hooray!
  • Thanks a lot to the kind soul who uploaded chapter 18 scans for us. We no longer have to worry once we reach that chapter, hehe.
  • Yukihito and I will continue to courageously shed blood, sweat and tears for this project OTL Thanks Yuki for being awesome ;D
  • If you can translate and know enough crime/detective and supernatural jargon, please do help us in completing this project early this year! :D

The Purgatorial Cartagra Ends!

January 19th, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (1 Comments)

2017-01-19 Rengoku Final

It was supposed to be released several months ago… but realized that we missed some things ^^;

Anyway, better late than never, right? Too bad we missed the anniversary (January 10)…. but still! Finally, we have completed a long-time project (Rengoku no Cartagra) with 3 juicy releases:

  • Chapter 10 (last)
  • Volume 1 Omake (extras)
  • Volume 2 Omake (extras)

Head over to the project page to get them ;)

This has been one of our new cleaner’s (Thulasi) debut! w00t! Looking forward to have you help us with the other projects too :D