A Oneshot by Izayakaku’s Mangaka!

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2016-08-26 Post Oyozure

Hi folks! Here’s yet another oneshot entitled Deceptive Command. And to those already familiar with the art style, it’s created by Izayakaku‘s Author! So it won’t be a surprise if you begin to miss Yoritomo and friends while reading it, hehe.

The Oneshot’s found at the Altima Ace project page. Enjoy~

Blue Spring X Machine Gun Has Been Dropped

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2016-08-21 TZA-Aoharu-News

This is a really late announcement, but I suppose you guys are no longer surprised about this since TZA can’t work on licensed titles. So as the title says, this project’s been dropped.

Sorry that we couldn’t release as soon as we hoped to. It’s regrettable to see those semi-completed unreleased chapters but… we’re doing this for the series and the fantastic author.

Please continue supporting the manga, which is now in 10 volumes! w00t! The anime‘s so fantastic too. Please continue the love and support for NAOE-sensei’s masterpiece! =)

First Release in 2016!

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Hi everyone! Apologies for the long wait.

We are slowly catching up this year, and I hope Wind-up Syndrome‘s Kuro makes you smile: