Rengoku is back!

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Hiya guys! It’s been forever, but we’ve finally made progress with Rengoku no Cartagra. Check out chapters 4-6 on the project page. We have all the staff we need for this project, so we will aim to get the rest of the chapters out pretty soon ^^

A big thanks to Angie and Dark, who helped out with the translation of this project! Couldn’t have done it without you guys :D

Shiro Ari’s Return in 2015!

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20150328_ShiroAri13Yes, the wait is over and chapter 13 is finally out! Get it from the project page~

We see that many have become worried that we have dropped this series because there hasn’t been a release for more than a year. But we would like to assure you that we have no plans in dropping this project. =)
2014 was just a very busy year for TZA ^^; Hopefully we make it up this year~

To those who would like to know about the project status:
Only translation checking and typesetting is left from chapter 14 to chapter 20.
Translation’s actually already until chapter 27 (Yes, Melody’s that amazing)

So what help do we urgently need in order to release the next chapter sooner?:
Translation Checker (knows mid-level or advanced Japanese; fluent in English)- Although we already have the translated scripts, Shiro Ari has SO MANY text that it would be necessary to go through it one more time, just to make sure that nothing was missed (less trouble during proofreading, typesetting, and quality checking too). Not all dialogues in Shiro Ari are that easy to translate either.


The Survival Games Addiction

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Behold! A sparkling Yukki! Haha!

Presenting to you guys the second chapter of the bad boys with machine guns xD See it at the project page~ (It has been updated with some tankoubon links until volume 6. Please support the mangaka by buying the manga~)

This shall serve as a celebration to the announcement of the upcoming anime adaptation of the series! HOORAY!

Let’s continue supporting the series and hope that the anime will become a success :)

We’ve heard that there shall be more anime-related announcements this weekend. Stay tuned!

A Young Master + Maid Oneshot

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Presenting to you a short but cute story by Nanaji Yuuki-sensei~ (It’s been a while since we had a oneshot released.)

Please see the title “The Young Master and His Troublesome Maid” in this page.

It’s quite unusual for a story that is overflowing with shoujo fluff to be in a shounen/seinen magazine, haha. Anyway, it’s nice to see that something cute can be in any demographic, haha!

This has been a debut of one of our new typesetters, Mini. :) Hopefully there’ll be more volunteers (as translators, typesetters, cleaners/redrawers) for the many oneshots we are working on (as well as the series projects). Thanks and enjoy~

SerVamp in English This March!

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Kuro is freakin’ adorable….
Sorry for the delay ^^; But today we’ve managed to have the fifth chapter out =) You can get it here~

Find out what happens next (in English) once the first volume is release this coming March 17, 2015!!!

It had been so much fun working on this entertaining series. But today we’re saying goodbye to this project since Seven Seas has already given it love =D

We would like to thank everyone who had contributed to this project and to those who had given us support.

Please continue loving the series and in supporting the mangaka, either by buying the Japanese originals or by purchasing the English versions =)

The War of the Roses continues!

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Poor William hasn’t had much luck in the War of the Roses so far, but let’s hope things look up for him from this chapter onwards!

As we mentioned previously, our releases of Makai Ouji will only be until chapter 45. The translation has been ready for sometime now, but unfortunately the editing side of things was quite delayed. However, we’re continuing with our original plan slowly but surely!