TZA is not dead!

April 20th, 2014 | Posted by TZA in TZA - (1 Comments)

Although we haven’t been that active recently, we would like to assure you that we’re still into this.

We may not have replied to all your e-mails, comments, or shoutbox messages, but we do read every single one of them. We have considered your concerns and requests, just didn’t have time to respond to them, or do the updates you wished for.

We’re also even too busy to handle applications, although we really badly need additional help.
Recruitment’s temporarily closed (except for translators and redrawers) because I no longer know which project needs what anymore either (I’ve been away for that long, I can’t remember X_X It will take me time to check them)

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely for us to have any updates this month (because we’re still catching up), so probably the updates will only start around May or June 2014.

Thanks for the continuous support :) We’ll do our best!

See you all again on the next update xD