Debut of the First BL Series Project!

October 13th, 2013 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (14 Comments)

Supposedly, Servamp would be debuting first, but we got more volunteers for this new project so this one will be going ahead :)

The wait’s over! The first chapter of The Killer is now out! (It’s now under the “Active Projects” section of the menu)

What do you guys think about it? =3 Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did~

To Interested Rescanlators: Now that the first chapter is out, we are now open to rescanlation requests starting today (we’re disregarding those sent before).
We only accepted Sweet Yaoi Fansub (Spanish) as this project’s rescanlator in advance because one of its members is a TZA Ally (particularly the project’s typesetter, Loveless).

Lastly, an early warning: It’ll be unlikely for the second chapter to be out this month, because we’ll be focusing more on our Halloween themed projects ^^; So maybe expect it either next month or on December, alright? Sorry for the wait, ehehe. :P (But don’t worry, we’re not exactly putting it on-hold. The cleans are ongoing~)

Farewell, Bloody Junkie!

October 12th, 2013 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (1 Comments)

Sorry for the wait, but today we’re finally releasing the extras for the last volume of Bloody Junkie :D

Although the series was cancelled, the mangaka shared to us some things that will happen to the characters after chapter 9. The last volume also had shocking revelations about what happened to Shota’s brother O_O

Head over to the Bloody Junkie page to read~ It’s now classified as a completed project :)

Of course, please support the mangaka by buying the books. We don’t want to hear news about her series being cancelled again, if ever she decides to start a new one (which we’ll definitely be highly looking forward to :))

Thanks for the love and support~ We are also very grateful to our new Russian partner, Seven Sky Team, in making this release possible :D

Bloody Junkie may be over, but it’ll forever be awesome :D