Even Heroes Need Rescue!

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Today we’re releasing a short but fun oneshot that was published in G-Fantasy: Please Help Me By Hero (Mangaka: Shirotama-sensei)

There are several other fun oneshots from GFantasy, so it would be great if you could give us a hand on those ;) (Either through translation, cleaning, and typesetting)


Flower Boys Over Flowers

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Last week, together with Forbidden Garden we had several Arcana oneshots released! Please congratulate our joint partner for their 5 year anniversary xD

Arcana Anthology stories that were released recently (all of them can be found under the Projects -> Oneshot Anthology -> Arcana Anthology section) are the following:

  • (Volume 14) Shinobi Homestay
    An American otaku enjoys being in Japan
  • (Volume 15) My School Is
    The main character has attended a school where girl and boy uniforms are in reverse (boys wear skirts, girls were pants)
  • (Volume 15) The Boy Who Doesn’t Sit
    There’s a boy who sites on… nothing(?)!
  • (Volume 16) A Story of Japan a Long Time Ago
    a short sequel of Shinobi Homestay

Today, we’ve got a new oneshot for you guys:

The Frilly Tree by Hosuka-sensei.

It was published in Zero-Sum Magazine.

It might take a while to acknowledge that the main character is really a dude, haha. He really looks so girlie =P

But the story’s pretty cute. We hope you enjoyed it too =)

Bye bye, Bloody Junkie

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Normally, it’s  always an exciting time when we get to release Bloody Junkie, but unfortunately, we have some bad news regarding the series this time. Hasumi-sensei herself has said that since the printed volumes didn’t sell very well, she decided to discontinue the series. I always looked forward to the next chapter of  Bloody Junkie, so I’m sad to see it end like this. The ending might not not be satisfying, but I hope you guys can enjoy it anyway. Please look forward to our release of the volume 1 + 2 extras in the near future as well~

Yay for Hector~

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Today we’re able to release the Plus C omake from Volume 7! Fans of Hector will be glad to see him mentioned~ I have yet to catch up with the main series, but reading extras like this one is fun all the same :D

From Oz to Wonderland~

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Our previous release was a story inspired by The Wizard of Oz, but today we have something Alice in Wonderland themed! Shiro Ari Chapter 10 is now available for you guys to read :D As you can see from the above cap, Alice is being his usual charming self :P

For the Love of Haiku

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Today we’re sharing to you guys a fun Comic Gene oneshot about a haiku-loving celebrity in a virtual reality game, where he meets a mysterious eyepatched dude. It has references to the Wizard of Oz… something I don’t find that often in manga lately (most of them are based on Alice in Wonderland or Red Riding Hood). It’s also not often for us to see a main character obsessed about haiku ;P I

The title’s Cyber Dorothy (Densou Dorothy) by Muranaka Souta-sensei. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did~

And before I end this post, a quick announcement: The Upcoming Shoujo projects page has been updated with 2 new titles. You can take a peek at our tumblr page. Additional allies to help us with our projects are more than welcome =)

More BL to Come~

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Presenting to you guys the second part of The Light That You Create oneshot!

It was sweet and sad at the same time. Made me teary ;_; Well, of course we’ve got our eyes on other works of Hami-sensei that seems just as good *_* (You can check out our future project pages or our tumblr; By the way, if you will be able to help us with our BL projects, especially in translating, please join the alliance!)

We hope you guys liked it~

By the way, this oneshot was our first BL release. Today, we’re announcing that we’ve picked up our very first BL series project.

Yup, a SERIES.

Well, we’ve been asking about which one you want after all ;P Fortunately, we’ve got members that are interested in doing it too =3

It has the most votes out of 12 titles. It’s called The Killer. As we’ve also asked at tumblr, who else is excited about it? xD

The Killer

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The Killer
by Kanai Kei
Taiyo Tosho | Hertz | 2010
Romance (Boys Love / Yaoi), Comedy, Drama

When Yoshiya receives unwanted attention from a customer at the bar where he works, one of the bar’s regulars, Haibara comes to his rescue. Yoshiya falls in love with Haibara, but how will he be able to confess his feelings when Haibara sees Yoshiya’s attitude towards him as nothing more than an act?