Three Stories of Love and Terror

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These were supposed to be out either last Halloween or Valentine’s Day but…. better late than never? Hehe
(The girls and their respective bishies :P)

We’re presenting to you three out of the five short stories from the Koiyami anthology: (All can be found under the Oneshot Anthology section)

  • Story 1: Michiru (artist: Momono Moto) – jealousy causes no good
  • Story 2: Tsukasa (artist: Mitsuboshi Megane) – addiction to internet life causes no good
  • Story 4: Kiyomi (artist: Chidori Peko) – bullying causes no good

The author of all these stories is Nippon Ichi Software. All artworks are really nice~ It’s surprising that the other works of those artists are actually… errr… mature stuff ^^;

Anyway, these short stories are great~ Gotta love horror romance that are really spooky, and not annoyingly mushy. This may be mean, but it’s also pretty satisfying to see idiots getting what they deserve (mwahaha!). I feel sorry for the bishies in these stories ^^;

What do you guys think? Which one did you like?

A symphony of mystery~

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conductor_d4p1A while ago, we discovered that we’d skipped a previous chapter (Day 4, Part 1) of Conductor, but today we have it ready for release! Hopefully this clears up any confusion you might have had while reading the later chapters.

We’ve got the series fully translated and hope to finish up soon, but in order to do that we need your help! Conductor is currently lacking a typesetter, so if you can volunteer, please do~ Previous experience is not mandatory, but it would be preferable if you’re already familiar with the basics of typesetting.

The Jack O’Lanterns are coming!

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More chapters with the adorable detective Oz! This time we get some insight into Oz’s past~ Big thanks to our partner Lively Scans, who made this release possible ^^

Halloween All the Year Round!

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That’s right, we have the next chapter of Halloween Detective: Oz Williams out today! Remember to thank our partners at Lively Scans too, we couldn’t have done this release without them.

I definitely wouldn’t complain about having Halloween more than once a year. Getting dressed up and receiving candy certainly is fun~ :D

Oh Spring~

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We are presenting to you guys yet another oneshot =3 But this time it’s a shounen-ai one.

The title’s “Come On, Spring” (Haru Yo, Koi) and you can find it at the Rutile oneshot projects section. It’s really cute xD This should have a sequel T_T Or at least we should see more stories from the mangaka xD

There are a lot of other adorable BL oneshots out there, and you can check out the future project page… or our tumblr page to get a peek of other Rutile Sweet oneshots we got our eyes on. I believe they could be out faster if we’ve got more translators who can read even without furigana. Additional cleaning and typesetting help on these would be very helpful too. So join the alliance! ^^

Who is your god?

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We’ve got a new oneshot out: The title’s “God’s Charm”  which can be found under our Mag Garden oneshot projects section.

It’s by Sugaya Hitomi-sensei, who also did Ink Flower. God’s Charm seems pretty philosophical, though it’s more of a love story, imho. Odd that this isn’t in a shoujo or josei magazine, haha. Anyway, we hope you’ll like it =)

Anyway, we would like to applaud to one of our allies, Hairuchii, for doing a nice job on translating this oneshot (if I remember correctly, it was her first try). Other allies who contributed to this oneshot have been fantastic~ Hooray for awesome people xD

So we need more awesome people for the upcoming oneshots we’ve picked up =3 You can find them on the Shounen and Seinen project page (there are 6 new titles there) and you can get a sneak peek at our tumblr site (Which one/s do you look forward to the most?). We need translators, cleaners/redrawers, typesetters, and proofreaders for them. Especially translators (all of them have furigana) and typesetters (the current ones need more time on the series projects)

Isaac versus William?!

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makai36At last we’re able to release the next chapter of Makai Ouji! Doesn’t Isaac look adorable there? :D In this chapter, William is competing against Isaac…but isn’t doing quite as well as he expected. Poor boy!

We’re very motivated to release more of Makai Ouji before the anime starts, but in order to do this we need your help! Unfortunately, Makai Ouji lacks a cleaner, so progress is not as fast as we’d like. So please do volunteer at the recruitment page if you can. Thank you~

Lastly, we’ve been noticing more fanworks for Makai Ouji lately, and we’d like to encourage you guys to share your fanworks with us. We’d love to see what Makai Ouji has inspired you to create ^^

A Broken Doll…

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Today’s release is Verse 37 of Tenkyuugi! Happily enough, this is one of the series we’re reasonably up to date with. Yay~ We also have Verse 38 translated, so look forward to that sometime soon :D

Happy reading, everyone! ♥


A Handsome and Mysterious Young Man!

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aka_aka72It was quite some time ago that we posted a sneak peek of chapter 7 on our tumblr while it was in its typesetting phase, but at last it’s complete! Hopefully we can do our best to release the rest in a more timely manner. Of course, you can help make this more possible by helping out. Even contributing to other series, in order to free up more time for AkaAka would be very welcome ^^

We see a little more of Sagano in this chapter, though not much. He always seems to disappear as quickly as he turns up XD Happy reading and we hope you guys enjoy this chapter <3


Cosplayers FTW!

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Sorry for the wait! But anyway, chapter 8 is finally out ;) We had help from Aniblog Team, Bloody Junkie’s Russian Scanlator, on this chapter. Thanks guys!

We get to know more about our crazy little cosplayer in this chapter =) It appears that this fellow is also so loved that he’s featured as a weekly illustration at GANGAN Online right now; he’s even on the cover of volume 2!

Unfortunately…. there’s some bad news too.

For those who haven’t heard about it yet, well, you see, Bloody Junkie was discontinued. Apparently, tankoubon sales weren’t going very well in Japan =/ So we’re tortured about not knowing what happens next after chapter 9 =(

So TZA will have finished this series once chapter 9 and the tankoubon extras are out (which should be not later than next month since the second volume’s gonna be released late this month.)

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed the chapter ^^