Your Favorite Manga Needs You

February 17th, 2013 | Posted by TZA in TZA - (3 Comments)

Here’s a summary of what type of ally each ongoing project needs.

  • 5CATS – Translator
  • Halloween Detective Oz Williams – Translator
  • Izayakaku – Translator
  • Kamakura Deco and Kofu Life – Translator
  • Neon Dimension Ascension – Translator
  • Snow White and Alice – Scanner for vol 4 onwards, Translator, Typesetter
  • Oneshots – Translator, Typesetter

* Updated last January 24, 2017

If you have the time and abilities to help with your favorite project, then please JOIN THE ALLIANCE!
We also welcome  Collaboration Partners (Rescanlators) and Joint Partners (fellow English scanlators). Just send us an email for further discussion!

Finally Another Kiss…

October 4th, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (1 Comments)

Sorry for the delay, but we’re happy to announce that the 17th chapter of Shiro Ari is finally here! 
Check it out at the project page as usual~ Alice and White Rabbit are hilarious. I think fans of both/either Alice x Snow White and Mirror x Snow White will enjoy this chapter.

Alright, below are some updates (related and unrelated to Shiro Ari):

  • I think we’re okay with Shiro Ari on staff for now… but still lacking on the scans. We don’t have chapters 21 onwards yet. We’ve got a volunteer for chapters under volume 5…. but still resolving downloading issues on it, ahaha.
  • We are slowly catching up on oneshots… especially the Arcana ones. There isn’t much left in our pending list anyway, so we should wrap it up soon.
  • The next oneshot we’re aiming to release next isn’t an Arcana oneshot though. It’s a oneshot from Anime Ace (Is that magazine still alive?) There’s a sneak peek at tumblr.
  • Thanks to our new translator, Kyu-san, we are slowly catching up on many of our oneshots, starting with the BL ones. Oh thank goodness they can be released sooner than expected <3
    But of course, Kyu-san can’t do it alone so if you can translate well and can help out the group, that would be very helpful. Experience isn’t required but a really good grasp of the Japanese language will greatly minimize the time spent by proofreaders and translation/quality checkers =)

He Speaks The Title…

September 1st, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (1 Comments)

We’ve finally got an Arcana oneshot released! Thanks to our partner, Forbidden Garden, for helping us out on this~ (They handled the cleans)

You can get the oneshot in the Arcana Anthology page. It’s the 7th Story under Volume 14.

  • Sorry for my mistake on the earlier posts (that mentions or previews this oneshot). I don’t know why but I tend to mix up Kayase Shiki and D. Kissan x_x
  • Scans are by Anonymous.
  • Credits page used on this particular release is by FlareX. Thanks, man!
  • We had help from our new proofreaders on this one. Say hello to H and Listel! =)
  • The upcoming Arcana oneshots to look forward to are “Uniform Wars” and “Goodbye, Boy Who Lived Next Door To Me”. You can follow our Twitter for updates on scanlation status and our Tumblr for teasers/previews of upcoming releases ;)
  • IMPORTANT: I think we’re pretty good with the cleaner, typesetter, and proofreader staff. What would make the projects released faster would be additional translators, I guess. (Especially the BL ones. There’s tons of oneshots ^^ So if you can read without furigana, that would be veeeeery helpful.) So please join~

The Kid Just Has a Good Digestive System

August 19th, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (2 Comments)

Waaah! It’s been almost 3 months since the last release x_x Really sorry for that delay. Problems at work just pop up all of a sudden… but now that things are doing better, it’s time to catch up! Starting with a Kayase Shiki oneshot:

  • The new adorable oneshot available is entitled “Evil Meal” or “Jakimeshi” and it can be found in our Zero-Sum collection page.
  • There’s another oneshot on the same page that’s done by the same author; it’s title is “Musical Scale City“. That one’s REALLY good! The kid in Evil Meal is more adorable though…
  • Kayase Shiki-sensei is a terrific mangaka. Make sure to check out the author’s other works~
  • We’re working on an Arcana oneshot that’s done by the same mangaka. That one’s called “Shinobi’s Hand”. It’s almost done actually (See our tumblr page for a quick peek~). It’s now in our partner’s (Forbidden Garden) hands.
  • This released oneshot was provided to us by Anonymous like 5 years ago…. eeep…. time flies so fast…
  • minifuzz translated this oneshot several years ago too. Sorry for the delay!
  • It’s been a while since we had proofreaders work on a oneshot. Greeting listel and H for their proofreading debut ;D
  • I’m not sure but this is Thulasi’s first cleaning debut at TZA too. I don’t know how I didn’t notice that only cleaning was left in this for it to start moving…
  • Lastly, we always have to thank Yukihito for being awesome!!!!! *_*

Anyway, I hope you guys have enjoyed the oneshot. Yes, we’re still in need of volunteers although I don’t get to reply as quickly as before…. Sorry about that. I guess what we need more urgently are the Translators, so that we can have more projects moving.

Thanks for the support!


— Kaito

Samurai Kitty!

May 22nd, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (3 Comments)

Presenting a shounen oneshot with a kitty doing a lot of slicing, and of course a demonstration of the power of friendship! (Come on, even if the “friendship” thingy is so cliche, that’s still one of the things we love about shounen manga, right? Haha)

Without further ado, please check out “Hizumi no Dual” aka “Distorted Dual” at the Comic Gene page.

  • The mangaka of this oneshot doesn’t seem popular… but their work seems interesting. Hopefully they become available in English one day.
  • Please thank Ceph for helping us releasing many many oneshots sooner =D
  • Rin is awesome. Sorry if this one took so long ;_;
  • Only one other Comic Gene oneshot in our to-do list. Okay, that should be queued soon. It looks really fun. We need a good laugh, don’t you think?

There’s a ton of oneshots to do. Lots of cleaned ones but can’t get near to releasing if not yet translated ^^; So it would be great if you can join us when you find the time! Thanks!

What if Words Hurt… Literally?

May 10th, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (2 Comments)

Delivering today a short but nice shoujo-ish shounen oneshot (lol, did that make sense?) from Comic Blade~ The title’s “Koto no Ha” or “Bladed Words”. Enjoy~

  • This is Ceph‘s debut as our translator! Yay!
  • This was cleaned by Aikei ages ago… but thanks to Ceph, this is finally out~ (Sorry for the delay, Aikei… hopefully you’re still around)
  • We had 2 Mag Garden oneshots in our to-do list. The other one’s entitled “Apology Shop”. Translation ongoing, it shall be sent for cleaning later.

There’s a ton of oneshots to do so we’re still looking for translators and typesetters for them. =)

The Death Gods Are Back!

May 1st, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (2 Comments)

Providing a Halloween Detective treat for a break on the oneshot releases, hehe. Chapter 13 is now available and it has pretty much concluded the latest arc.

We’re getting closer to ending this~ Hooray! I suppose we’ll be able to have this done sooner with a typesetter at least. Do join if you can help out~

Love Letters are YUMMY…

April 21st, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (1 Comments)


You’ll see once you read our latest released oneshot called “Please Eat, Demon-san” or “Meshimase, Mamono-san” at the Lala page. Enjoy~

  • It was originally entitled “Please Eat, Miss Demon.” But after what the main character said, using “Miss” might not be appropriate anymore…
  • Happy to have another Shoujo oneshot completed. It will be great if more will be released. So far we are in need of translators and typesetters for oneshots. So come and join if you have the time and the abilities, please~

The Pudding isn’t an April Fools Joke

April 1st, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (1 Comments)

Happy April Fools Day!

Instead of a joke, we’re treating you guys a funny shoujo oneshot today! The title’s Yokubari na Bokura (The Greedy Couple) which can be found at our Lala Oneshots page~

  • This oneshot is our new typesetter’s, Chimori, debut! Hooray!
  • Rin (RinKashiKiku) did a fantastic job in making the not-so-pretty scans look really nice :)
  • Just realized that Hairuchii and Royal Blood had actually done this like years ago… Sorry for the delay! >_<
  • You always have to thank Yuki (Yukihito) for being awesome ;D
  • If I’m not mistaken, the mangaka of this oneshot also had other interesting shoujo stories. Will check out someday~

By the way, we’re still in need of Translators and Typesetters. The admins are a little busy so an extra hand will be really appreciated =)

Don’t Bully The One You Love!

March 13th, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (2 Comments)

The White Rabbit is a VERY BAD example of this!

Happy to announce that Shiro Ari chapter 16 is finally available at the project page! Hooray!

And here are some updates related to the project:

  • This is N0body’s, Securie Chan, and Elysia’s debut! Please thanks them for being awesome!
  • Ghostly Oxygen also tried this project. Thanks for your contribution!
  • I’m no longer sure if Elysia can continue with the other projects though. Seems that she had gotten busy. So….
  • Remember that we had been searching for Shiro Ari Typesetters last time? Well, we’re still searching until now. So if you think you’ve got the time and skills for it, please join! This chapter took longer than expected because I had to take over ^^; So it’ll be faster if it’ll be handled by someone with more time to typeset =)
  • There’s a kind soul that provided to us scans of chapter 30+… (they’re from volume 5, if I recall correctly). Volume 4 scans still in need (unless you’re willing to wait much longer, ahahaha…. x_x).

Thank yoooooou!

Things Get Bloodier in Izayakaku 18!

February 19th, 2017 | Posted by TZA in Releases - (2 Comments)

I wasn’t kidding, haha.

  • Tune 18 is not available at the project page!
  • Chapters 19 to 25 (and omake chapters) aren’t translated yet. It would help us in finishing this sooner if there’s a Translator who’ll assist the group. Preferably someone familiar to Ancient Japan terminologies (since, you may have noticed, this project has quite a number of such words).